A global pandemic is one of the most disastrous things that can happen to this world. One thing that is certain after the Covid-19 epidemic is that we are not even nearly as close to being ready when an unexpected global pandemic attacks us. The virus has done an insane amount of damage to the world. The number of deaths due to the killer pandemic has just crossed the million mark, but we aren’t able to develop a vaccine despite all the breakthroughs that science has gone through.

People aren’t paying attention to what if a second outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic takes place? This is a possibility that many scientists believe can happen if the right precautions are not taken. People return to their daily routines after the pandemic, but they must not forget that the epidemic is not entirely over. All it takes is a single host to infect the whole world, which was precisely the case in the first place. Now since there is no effective vaccine that can fully cure the virus, the question arises that what precautions can be taken to avoid a second layer of the virus. Meizhou has just the perfect answer to this question.

Meizhou is a Chinese biotech Company that has come forward with a revolutionary technique that can prevent the spread of Covid-19. The company has developed a sterilizer that uses hydrogen peroxide. With the hydrogen peroxide sterilization, it is pretty easy to eliminate viruses and bacteria in the air and objects. The company offers a wide variety of products to help sterilize objects using hydrogen peroxide to keep the spread at its minimum. The spread of the contiguous virus is more in public places that have huge gatherings. The Meizhou sterlizers can be used in several environments, including public transport, offices, hospitals, industrial sectors, homes, and educational institutes.

The following are some of the hydrogen peroxide sterilizers offered by Meizhou.

DF-A1 Sterilizer.

The DF-A1 Sterilizer by Meizhou is a dry mist system used for longer durations in places such as offices or homes. The sterilizer is designed to pump the disinfectant for longer durations continuously. The product is designed to be portable so that it can be carried to different rooms with ease. There is a high-speed fan that can transport the microdroplets at a significant distance.

DF-10A- Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer.

This another great product by Meizhou can be used on larger scale such as in schools and public transport. One of the best features of DF-10A is that its settings can be customized according to the environment it is placed in, providing the most efficiency. There is built-in software that calculates the time and amount of spraying.

MZ-V200 + AGV Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide robot.

The MZ-V200 one of the most powerful hydrogen peroxide sterilizers by Meizhou. The sterilizer is designed to use in places that have a large area. The product is made to work continuously, providing a broad spectrum of sterilization to kill various bacteria up to log 6 level. The MZ-V200 sterilizes the area in a short time with low operational cost. The sterilizer can be used on different surfaces, including rubber, plastic, and electronic products.

Why Chose Meizhou Products?

Meizhou is one of the most reputable biotech companies that specialize in producing top-notch hydrogen peroxide sterilizer. The products are reliable and can be used in several environments. The Meizhou products tick all the boxes of the safety regulations.