Hydrogen peroxide is an antimicrobial compound which is commonly used. This is used for preservative, disinfection and sterilization purposes, in both liquid and gas type. The advantages include its strong and wide antimicrobial capacity, versatility in usage, and protection profile relative to other microbicides.

Today we are going to discuss how Meizhuo is helping in this area and helping fight COVID-19. So let’s discover.

How Meizhuo is helping in this COVID-19 crisis?

DF-A1-Dry fog hydrogen peroxide sterilizer

Sterilization of hydrogen peroxide, also known as sterilization of hydrogen peroxide gas, is a low-temperature sterilization process widely used to sterilize heat-sensitive instruments. A process of sterilization by hydrogen peroxide usually takes less time than alternative methods of sterilization, such as sterilization by ethylene oxide.

Meizhuo's DF-A1 dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilization system uses a low-speed pump to provide a disinfection solution continuously. The ultra-high-speed feeding tube provides a high kinetic carrier gas. When a small quantity of liquid reaches the nozzle at low pressure, a high-speed gas is met, the fluid causes a heavy collision and droplet shattering. Meizhuo DF-A1 series can achieve Log6 level disinfection and sterilization using a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide or other disinfection and sterilization agents. It can quickly destroy microorganisms in the air and surface of the sterilization region, such as viruses like COVID-19, fungi, molds, and spores.


The Sterile Science Dry Fog system offers high-tech solutions for the disinfection of pharmacy suites, clean rooms, health care facilities, and essential manufacturing, and laboratory areas. The Dry Fog system uses a mixture of industry-leading cold sterilant and our state-of-the-art Dry Fog distribution system to distribute vapor to even the most complicated environments, easily and safely.

The dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilization system of Meizhuo converts hydrogen peroxide. It is a dry mist particle with a particle size of around 7.5 μm which works on the object's space and surface for sterilization.

It provides a full collection of detailed, compact, safe, environmentally friendly, and reliable options. The best process, the challenging experiments on biological indicators will achieve the killing effect of Log3-6 power through a skilled sterilization system and software.

MZ-V200-Vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer

Sterilization of hydrogen peroxide is also known as sterilization of vaporized hydrogen peroxide, or VHP. More typically, healthcare facilities prefer vaporized sterilization with hydrogen peroxide over ethylene oxide sterilization as their low-temperature sterilization method. The diminishing use of ethylene oxide sterilization systems in hospitals represents the preference for VHP.

MZ-V200 has the feature of intelligent measurement of residual dosage and remote control, real-time monitoring of humidity and temperature in sterilization space and has low sterilization space environment requirements. While large dosages are appropriate for large space sterilization; low-temperature sterilization can be room temperature; short sterilization duration; short sterilization time and low operating cost. This is used in a third-level biosafety laboratory to combat highly pathogenic bacteria and viruses for the terminal disinfection and sterilization of laboratory space, negative pressure isolation cages and associated contaminated pipelines.