DF-A1-Dry fog hydrogen peroxide sterilizer

Meizhuo’s DF-A1 dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilization system uses a low-speed pump to continuously and continuously supply disinfection solution.The ultra-high-speed fan provides a high kinetic carrier gas. When a small amount of liquid enters the nozzle at a low speed, it encounters a high-speed Gas, gas produces strong collision and smashing of droplets. Air enters the nozzle in a porous eccentric manner to achieve the adjustment of centrifugal rotation, which increases the distance and strength of gas and liquid collisions, making the gas stronger against the droplets The tearing effect of the micron can achieve the effect of sub-micron atomization. Then the powerful power of the ultra-high-speed fan can quickly transport the sub-micron particles to the far end and perfectly spread to the entire space to achieve efficient sterilization.

Brand: Meizhuo
Model: DF-A1
Origin: China
Resources:Technical data sheets and material.pdf

Spray volume: 16ml / min
Applicable liquid: 6-8% hydrogen peroxide solution
Parameter setting Color LCD touch screen
Control system: The device has built-in calculation software, which automatically calculates the amount of spray and the time of spray.
Control system configuration: supporting wireless remote
Reservation function: Enter the sterilization time, the device will automatically turn on and automatically sterilize. Sterilization effect: achieve Log6 kill rate
Sterilization volume: 20-300m³
Disinfectant capacity: 1L disinfectant original bottle packaging (expandable)

Application case:

Meizhuo DF-A1 series Use low concentration of hydrogen peroxide or other disinfection and sterilization agents to achieve Log6 level disinfection and sterilization, which can quickly kill microorganisms such as viruses, fungi, molds and spores in the air and the surface of the sterilization area. Use low concentration of hydrogen peroxide It only needs a few milliliters per cubic meter, the environmental humidity rises a little, and it has no corrosive effect on the instruments, computers, metal products in the environment. During the sterilization and sterilization process, no heating, neutralization and other processes are needed, and it is portable and fast.

Products Features:

Safe and non-toxic
Support wireless remote control
Log6 level sterilization rate
Support for appointment to start
Hydrogen peroxide residue detector
Larger space coverage
Built-in automatic calculation software
Short sterilization time
Replaceable disinfectant



We have shared common questions from customers and hope to help you, of course you can contact us at any time.

Is the bottle refillable?2020-06-30T10:17:28+08:00

Yep, it's refillable.

What's the droplet size?2020-06-30T10:16:49+08:00

7.5um or 1-5um(Laboratory testing data)

Can the liquid only use hydrogen peroxide?2020-06-30T10:15:55+08:00

Theoretically speaking, you can use any liquid you like. However, for best sterilization effect, we suggest 6-8% H2O2 and recommended unit volume 6-8ml/m3.

Are your equipments sold with the solution together?2020-06-30T10:15:15+08:00

No, we just export devices, not including the disinfectant. It's really easy for you to get H2O2 locally.

What's the application of your devices?2020-06-30T10:14:37+08:00

Our devices are mainly used in medical field, such as negative pressure wards, isolation wards, emergency ambulance, ICU, clinic and etc. Our devices using 6-8% H2O2 to achieve Log6 level sterilization rate, which can quickly kill microorganisms such as viruses, fungi, molds and bacillus in the air and the surface of the sterilization area.

Will it cause damage to the objects in the room?2020-06-30T10:13:39+08:00

Generally speaking, it won't cuase any damage. Our disinfectant is at low concentration 6-8%, it has no corrosive effect on the instruments, computers, metal products in the environment?

How can I know the sterilization effect after using?2020-06-30T10:12:41+08:00

We can send the domestic test report to you. Or you can buy indicator strips together, BI(Biological indicator): ATCC12980 or ATCC7953 or CI (Chemical indicator)

Is your device classified to medical equipment?2020-07-02T08:21:05+08:00

It doesn't belong to medical equipment in China, belong to disinfection equipment, but mainly used in medical fields.

DHP Versus VHP2020-06-30T10:08:37+08:00

DHP has better diffusion effect while VHP with vapor spray can disperses more evenly.